Does BEHAG have a name?

Yes, its "Buddy."

What is BEHAG?

An imaginary character that advocates for the elimination of stigma associated with mental health and acts as a symbol of compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Does Buddy the BEHAG have a gender?

Because a BEHAG is imaginary, the gender, name and other features and characteristics are neutral.

Buddy the Behag

What color is the BEHAG?


Does Buddy the BEHAG speak?

Not typically. The intent is to have others accompany Buddy the BEHAG so they can do the talking.

What is the BEHAG's audience?

Anyone that is either impacted by mental health or wants to support inclusivity to those living with mental health conditions. There are separate assets, landing pages and messages for educators, organizations, parents, teens, young adults, etc.

How will BEHAG make a difference?

Via specialized articles, blogs, infographics, broadcasted public appearances, conversations, and sponsorships. Most importantly, BEHAG wants to be adopted by other organizations and people that sign up on the website and publicly commit to acts of compassion, empathy and kindness for others, every day.

Does Buddy the BEHAG have a motto?

What more can you do?

What is BEHAG's role?

To bring organizations and people together and advocate for more compassion, empathy and kindness in mental health.

Want to see a touching video outlining the problem?

Please follow us!

Finally, after joining the cause at, display your personalized BEHAG certificate on social media or at home and office. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.